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Taupe are a Newcastle upon Tyne based trio specialising in razor-sharp polyrhythmic play, exploratory improvisation and raw, high energy live performance.

The group’s sound is built of influences drawing from free jazz and math metal to hip-hop grooves and post-bop, with a healthy dollop of skronk, all navigated down a path that seeks to blur the line between carefully constructed rhythmic compositions and explosive group improvisation. Taupe thrive on the danger of this ambiguity, deconstructing their music in real time to weave fresh and dynamic paths through their material with each performance.

Adventures on the rhythm wagon.

Multi-layered drum grooves combine with nimble-power-twiddle-honks of alto sax and jagged squalls of discordant guitar, twisting into propulsive irregular riffs and showers of cosmic jazz rain.

Taupe have been described as 'a power-jazz commando team' and also 'a band'. Driven by a deep seated D.I.Y production ethic, their second studio album, Fill Up Your Lungs and Bellow, was released in February 2017. Produced by guitarist/wizard Chris Sharkey (Trio VD, Acoustic Ladyland, Shiver), the record is a statement of intent, crystallising the interactions of three fresh young players exploiting a unique and singular collective vocabulary.

The trio were selected for the 2017 roster of the prestigious 12 Points Festival, performing in Aarhus, Denmark. They keep themselves busy with a programme including outings throughout the UK and airtime on BBC Radio 3's Late Junction and Stuart Maconie's Freak Zone.


' “There is no exquisite beauty… without some strangeness in the proportion” says Poe, and that’s true of what Taupe do. These three musicians are in total harmony with each other, however dissonant, and are a reminder that for all the poise and elegance of classical beauty, those gifted sculptors still revelled in rendering taught sinew and contracting muscle in inert, cold, stone.'

- Bido Lito.

'Violent freedom lies in the soaring assurance of their manic riff-delivery.'

- All About Jazz.

'A fierce trio balancing blast and groove with clear punctuation.'

- The New York City Jazz Record.

'[Taupe] harness a telekinetic connection which allows them to flow between perfect sync and wild improvisation, just when you least expect it. Unreal.'

- Strange Behaviours.

‘Encompassing all that is great about the exploration of music, [...] Taupe take jazz, pull it apart, then put it back together without the instruction manual.’

[ ... ]

‘There are moments of complete randomness, like a pigeon stuck in a post-box, then there are beautiful melodic interludes, maybe a quiet reflection, quickly followed by an angry tantrum.’

- NARC. Magazine.


Released 24th Feb 2017

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Prior Releases



26 April 2018 - Plink Plonk, Norwich

27 April 2018 - Cobalt Studios, Newcastle upon Tyne

3 May 2018 - The Glad Cafe, Glasgow


30 November 2017 - The Jazz Bar, Edinburgh

29 November 2017 - Jazz at The Lescar, Sheffield

27 November 2017 - The Poetry Club, Glasgow

6 November 2017 - Sproggits, Wharf Chambers, Leeds

23 October 2017 - Conroy's Basement, Dundee

18 July 2017 - 12 Points Festival, Aarhus, Denmark

10 July 2017 - The Whiskey Jar, Manchester

9 July 2017 - Mostly Jazz Fest, Birmingham

2 June 2017 - DJAZZ Festival, Empty Shop HQ, Durham

2 April 2017 - Gateshead International Jazz Festival, The Sage Gateshead

9 March 2017 - The Cube, Bristol

7 March 2017 - Gwdihw, Cardiff

6 March 2017 - The Vortex, London

4 March 2017 - The Golden Lion, Todmorden

3 March 2017 - The Basement, York

2 March 2017 - Kazimier Garden, Liverpool

28 February 2017 - Bloc+, Glasgow

27 February 2017 - Henry's Cellar Bar, Edinburgh

25 February 2017 - Tolbooth, Stirling

24 February 2017 - The Head of Steam, Newcastle upon Tyne

8 February 2017 - Axis Arts Centre, Crewe

20 September 2016 - Colchester Arts Centre, Colchester

19 September 2016 - The Castle Hotel, Manchester

25 July 2016 - Manchester Jazz Festival, Albert Square, Manchester

2 July 2016 - NARC Fest, The Cluny 2, Newcastle upon Tyne

21 May 2016 - Howl At The Moon, The Studio, Widnes

20 May 2016 - Fat Out, Islington Mill, Salford

19 May 2016 - The Voodoo Rooms, Edinburgh

17 March 2016 - Out Front!, The Bless Upstairs, Derby

16 March 2016 - LUME, i'klektik, Lambeth, London

13 March 2016 - Splinter @ The Bridge Hotel, Newcastle upon Tyne

12 March 2016 - The Empty Shop, Durham

11 March 2016 - Fusebox, The Fox & Newt, Leeds

10 March 2016 - Good Grief's Goop Shop, Bloc, Glasgow

10 October 2015 - Marsden Jazz Festival, Marsden

9 October 2015 - Head of Steam, Newcastle upon Tyne

8 October 2015 - Henry's Cellar Bar, Edinburgh

18 September 2015 - Lancaster Jazz Festival, Lancaster

9 August 2015 - Afternoon Noise, 1 Week Residency, Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Te Kore (Venue 181a)

5 August 2015 - Manchester Jazz Festival, Manchester

2 August 2015 - Dig The City, Manchester

29 July 2015 - The Kazimier, Liverpool

4 July 2015 - Storytime Festival, Antwerp Mansion, Manchester

3 July 2015 - Fusebox, Leeds

22 May 2015 - Harambee Pasadia Festival, County Durham

Adam Stapleford

Motivated by an insatiable appetite for rhythm and its profound effects in human music-making, Adam has devoted well over a decade to developing a daring and highly idiosyncratic rhythmic language on the drum kit.

This pursuit has been fuelled by excursions into the cutting edge of polyrhythmic study, a sensibility greatly informed by a keen interest in numerous rhythmic practices from across the globe, amongst which the most notable include North and West African, Indian, and Spanish.

Mike Parr Burman

A musician and sound designer, Mike is interested in experimenting with unpredictability and spontaneity, as well as working on fresh approaches to the guitar and live electronics.

Mike also makes polyrhythmic based electronic music under the monkier em peeby and has been heavily involved in Newcastle’s Felt Beak improvisation collective, playing both guitar and electronics.

Jamie Stockbridge

Jamie grew up opening his Dad's latest CD postal orders and has retained this impatience to explore new things.

He is now a classically trained Saxophonist and really enjoys messing around with these sensibilities in all sorts of different contexts.

Alongside performing and composing with Taupe, Jamie has founded Manchester-based Afrobeat collective AGBEKO and is embarking on a folk collaboration project with traditional singer Rosie Hood.

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Mike Parr Burman: +44 7952 569 604
Jamie Stockbridge: +44 7913 978 615
Adam Stapleford : +44 7551 243 428